It's OK to Fail

Last week I failed at my own photography challenge. I missed day 14 and figured, 'that's ok, I'll pick it up tomorrow.' Tomorrow came and went without taking another photo. This went one for two more days and I realized that round one was over; I failed the challenge. The good news is that there are no rules and I can just start over.
Wine Rack Macro by James L Gass IV
Shot of our wine rack at home. I was trying to see it in an interesting way. ⓒ 2018 James L Gass IV

Sometimes, when people challenge themselves and fail, they consider that the end and give up. What message are you telling yourself when you fail and just give up. Unfortunately, it won't be just limited to a silly challenge. If you let the failure eat at you, it'll get in your head and infiltrate every task you attempt. You'll start telling yourself you can't do this or that because you'll probably fail anyway so, what's the point. You have to acknowledge your mistakes, brush it off, and start over. And that's what I did. I started my 30 day photo challenge over and I'm a week into it and pretty happy with what I have so far. My failure was simply a motivation for me to continue on with this project and make it better than the last time.
Darkness Squared photo by James L Gass IV
The first shot of my 30 day challenge redux. I just happened to see this cinder block wall on campus and new it would make an interesting photo. Thus began my week of abstracts. ⓒ 2018 James L Gass IV

When I started the challenge the first go around, I kept trying not to take the same type of photos everyday; I was forcing my vision. For example, if I took a photo of a plant on Monday, I made myself take a picture of something different on Tuesday. This time, however, I let my creative side take over and I just let it happen. What I ended up with was a series of black and white architectural/abstract photos which I really enjoy.
Three Squares photo by James L Gass IV
This is probably my favorite shot of the week. I realized I was so focused on finding images infront of me, I forgot about what's above me. ⓒ 2018 James L Gass IV

I don't know if I'll continue to do a new series each week or not, but this week I was happy with my work. I'm going to continue to let my creativity lead my eye and see where it takes me. If you want to participate in my 30 day photo challenge with me, post your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #JHAC30.
Satellite photo by James L Gass IV
I found one of those old satellite dishes people used to have in their yards back in the day. Not sure what it's doing on a college campus, but it made for a cool abstract. ⓒ 2018 James L Gass IV