Don't Be the Creeper With a Camera

Today's lovely South Florida weather was much like yesterday's however, we did leave the house. My wife got us tickets to see a roller derby featuring our local team, the Dub City Derby Girls so, at least we weren't stuck inside all day. I also figured this would be a great opportunity to practice my sports photography skills. Boy, was I wrong. The gymnasium was fairly dim and the majority of my shots were underexposed. The other issue I kept running into was that my EF-M 18-55mm kit lens has such a short focal length, everything just looked like amateur snap shots.

I tried for quite a while to get a good shot when finally, my wife tapped me on the shoulder and asked, "you know you look like a creeper taking all those pictures of the women, right?" Well, no, I didn't know. I was so involved with getting a good shot, I didn't think how I might look to everyone else. Now, before you argue and say things like, "you're a photographer, you're supposed to take pictures," or, "don't worry about what other people think, just get the shot," you have to remember I'm sitting in the bleachers with a glorified point-n-shoot camera; I look nothing like a photographer. Also, I'm 40 years old and have a beard. So, what's the point? Remember on day one when I said to be aware of your surroundings? That doesn't just apply to things you want to photograph, but people who see you photographing as well. If I was watching some old dude taking a bunch of pictures of derby girls, I'd question his motives too. The moral of the story here is, "don't be the creeper with a camera."

Now, on to today's photo. After we got back home I was feeling a little defeated since I returned with a bunch of underexposed snap shots and creeper status to boot. I still needed a photo for the challenge and when my wife said she was going to make black bean burgers, I figured this could make a nice little photo story. I'd have the one photo I needed and some extra content to share. Shooting a photo story is something I've never done, but I watch enough Fro Knows Photo videos that I have a pretty good idea of what to do. Before my wife does anything, I get a sense of what my exposure triangle should be and since the light doesn't change I can pretty much set and forget it. At this point my wife starts prepping and I start shooting. My goal here is to capture the ingredients (the beginning), the process of prepping and cooking (the middle), and the final product on my plate (the end). For my very first photo story, I think I did an ok job. While I think all of these have a place in the over all story, the photo of my wife juicing the lime was the winner today and was posted to my Instagram account.

Meal Prep by James Gass
Meal Prep ⓒ2018 James L Gass IV

Just the Right Amount of Spice by James Gass
Just the Right Amount of Spice. ⓒ2018 James L Gass IV

Mash 'Em Like Potatoes. ⓒ2018 James L Gass IV

The Perfect Patties. ⓒ2018 James L Gass IV

Fry 'Em Up Right. ⓒ2018 James L Gass IV

Juice of a Lime. ⓒ2018 James L Gass IV

Casualties for a Good Cause. ⓒ2018 James L Gass IV

The End Game. ⓒ2018 James L Gass IV

Photo stories are definitely something I want to experiment with more. Are photo stories something you like to shoot? Share your stories in the comments below. Remember, if you'd like to join me on my 30 day photo challenge, use #JHAC30 on Instagram.