A breath of Fresh Air

Whip It Out and See What Happens

Things don't always tend to go our way. In my case, it seems, things rarely ever go my way, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from getting my shot today.

Two of my best friends from Orlando came down to visit, but it rained non-stop all day. We left the house to get some breakfast and a few things from the store, and that was about it. Before I knew it, the day was almost over and I hadn't got my shot. I immediately thought, 'well, this is it. I failed on day two.' My wife was making us dinner so we were all sort gathered around the kitchen talking and laughing and that's when the idea hit me. I figured I'd pull out my camera and try to get some candid shots of Jim. I figured, if nothing else, this could be a learning experience.

Even though we had some lights on, because of the weather, it was a bit dark in the house so, I wasn't shooting in the best conditions. To get enough light onto the sensor, I had to set my ISO pretty high with out the shot being super noisy. I set my ISO to 3200, my aperture to 5.6, and my shutter speed to 1/40 (yes, that's too low, but what could I do). Because my shutter speed was so slow I had to wait until no one was moving to get a decent shot. After about ten minutes of nothingness, I sat defeated on the arm of the couch and Jim just happen to give me this look.

Jim by James Gass on 500px.com
That was it! That was shot I needed. I threw it into Lightroom Express on my phone, which works pretty well by the way, and starting working on it. Yes, I had to adjust the exposure, increase the highlights, and tweak the contrast. Yes, it ended up with a lot of noise and the focus was a bit soft. This is where you have to remember that it's not always having a technically perfect shot; it's about what's in the shot that matters And this was a great shot. Thanks, Jim for saving my project.
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